What We Do

What we do can just as easily be defined by what we don’t do.

At Lurie Wealth Advisors, we don’t break out our offerings into individual areas of focus. We don’t separate financial planning, retirement planning, investment management, estate planning, and tax planning into disconnected buckets. And we don’t work alone, holed up in our offices, dissecting the singular pieces of your finances.


Because what we do is look at the big picture. Always. We provide objective advice based on your specific objectives, risk tolerance, time horizons, asset levels, and investment constraints. We construct a comprehensive asset allocation for your consolidated accounts, customize an investment portfolio focused on your goals, and work together with you and a CPA® to minimize the impact of taxes on your wealth. We work as one to advance your wealth by communicating—with each other, with you, and with your other advisors. And we do it with passion for what we do, compassion for your individual perspective, and an uncompromising commitment to excellence.

Because at Lurie Wealth Advisors, that’s what we do.

Let Us Review Your Balance Sheet.

To arrange a complimentary review of both sides of your balance sheet and identify opportunities to grow and protect your wealth, contact Michele Martin.

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Why Choose Lurie Wealth Advisors?

When it comes to tackling your complex wealth management needs, our independence, focus on tax-efficiency, and commitment to entrepreneurs can make all the difference.

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What Does ‘Working As One’ Mean For You?

Our tagline is more than just words. Our approach is rooted in ‘working as one’ with you and your complete advisory team to deliver independent, objective advice that supports your financial goals.

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